A note from Su:

One of my favorite things is to design with individuals in mind to create custom pieces.  Each client is his or her own person, with ideas to express and symbolize in the jewelry.  I work very closely with my clients to hear what it is that they really want and to learn about who they are so that each piece reflects this and is able to be unique and meaningful.  Custom work is wonderfully fun!  On being asked to design surprise engagement rings I have been amazed at how well the men know the subtleties of their partners' personalities and preferences and how courageous they have been in trusting me in the design process.

Jewelry is a classic means of marking events in our lives and expressing unique and special ways to share what we feel and who we are.  The pieces may celebrate an engagement, a new beginning in life, or the simple existence of someone we treasure.  We honor life and each other in developing our own markers and our own stories through what we create.  It is a gift for me to be a part of others’ lives in this way. 

Feel free to contact me if you’re considering custom work and have any questions.  I would love to hear your ideas.

Su Beningfield
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